Terms and Conditions of Therapy


Terms and Conditions of Therapy 2021

Being a patient at this occupational therapy practice means that you are subject to the following, which applies every time you visit the practice:


Medical aids / medical schemes

  • This practice is contracted to specific medical aids and as such we will submit the account (for individual therapy and meetings) on your behalf. It however remains your responsibility to settle the account should your scheme not pay for any reason.
  • Medical aids sometimes pay less than what we charge. Sometimes they do not pay at all. Note that you will still have to pay the full account.
  • The law on medical aids requires us to provide certain information to the medical aid. When you submit your account to the medical aid, the account includes personal information, such as the members name, the ICD10 Codes (diagnosis codes) and the procedure codes that indicate the specific intervention/consultation etc you received. If you wish this information to be excluded from your account please inform us in writing but then you will not be able to claim from your relevant medical scheme

What we charge

  • A list of our current consultation fees that you have to pay if you get therapy at this practice can be found here . The fees we charge may change from time to time and are increased annually. 
  • After each therapy session you will receive feedback on the session with homework videos or recommendations depending on the session. This feedback is provided on an online platform, please use the following URL https://app.specialt.co.za/practice/cherylfisherot to login to the practice. You will then be assigned to your child’s profile and be able to view your child’s assessment and session under the home icon. Please refrain from using whatapp and email for therapy progress discussions etc due to the security of these platforms with your personal information. For more information please click here
  • In some cases we need to do something different or something more in order to help you (home programmes, team meetings, progress reports etc). In such cases we will are able to provide you with a quotation, on your request, that will state what we estimate the cost would be, but also what could make the quotation go up, or down. Reassessment reports are provided annually at a cost of R650. If you are uncertain of a quotation or fee, please talk to your therapist about the cost of your therapy.
  • The cost of materials that we use during therapy may differ and we will in each case inform you of the cost thereof, if it is not included in the consultation fee.

When you have to pay

Cash accounts

  • Invoices will be sent via email, unless otherwise requested, on the 25th of the month.
  • You must pay us by the 5th of the month. You can pay in cash at the practice, or make an internet banking transfer (EFT) – our bank details are on the account. We regret we do not accept any cheques. Credit and Debit cards are accepted. Unfortunately American Express and Diners Club cards are not accepted.
  • If you do not pay us an administration fee of R100 per month will be levied after 60 days on all amounts in arrears.

Medical Aid accounts

  • Invoices will be submitted fortnightly
  • Should your scheme not pay you will be required to settle the account within7 days of the rejection according to clause 7 above

What could happen if you do not pay us in time

  • If you do not pay us within the 30 days, we may hand you over to a debt collecting agency or a law firm to get the outstanding monies. All costs of the debt collector and/or lawyer will be added to your account.
  • We reserve the right to cancel therapy without notice should your account be overdue.
  • If you have any special circumstances that prevent you from in paying us, please let us know immediately, so that you can make repayment arrangements. The administration fee will still be charged on these outstanding accounts 

Cancellation of appointments

  • You have to keep your appointments and come to the practice on time. If you have to cancel the appointment, you must inform us at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you do not do this, we will still send you an account for the full fee we normally charge. If you are prevented from making the appointment due to an accident or similar emergency, we will not charge you. Please note that unless otherwise stated or arranged with your therapist, appointments are booked on a recurring basis and are considered  to be confirmed.
  • For those children seen at school (King Edward Preparatory, My World, Houghton Nursery School or The Key School) please ensure that your therapist is informed or your child’s absence from school, for whatever reason including school outings or special events, by 7am on the day of their scheduled therapy time.

About therapy

Before we start with therapy:

  • We will talk to you about the options you have and the benefits of each option.
  • We will also tell you if there are any risks (such as risk of hurting yourself or pain) or negative aspects of the therapy.
  • You will then agree to the therapy after the discussions, or you may decide to refuse therapy. If you refuse, we will explain to you what might happen if you do not undergo therapy. Therapy often means more than one session and it may be important that you commit to a series of sessions.

 Remember that:

  • No therapy can be 100% guaranteed.
  • You always have to follow the instructions and warnings of the therapist carefully.
  • The success of therapy depends on your co-operation and being honest with the therapist.
  • Therapy occurs on an ongoing basis and the success of the therapy is dependent on regular attendance.

Discontinuation of therapy

  • Discontinuation of therapy may be considered if cancellations occur too frequently and the effectiveness of therapy is hampered. Discontinuation of therapy may also occur, at the therapist’s discretion, if an account is in arrears.
  •  Should you wish to terminate your child’s therapy, a month’s written notice is required. If not, you will be charged for the full month.


  • Please be punctual as lost therapy time cannot be made up. Note that children who arrive too early or are collected too late can affect other children’s therapy negatively. The therapist is only responsible for your child during therapy time. An additional fee may be charged for child care services should your child not be collected promptly.
  • Parents are welcome to speak to the therapist at the beginning or end of the session. However please make an appointment if a longer discussion is required.
  • Patients should be dressed in comfortable clothes when coming for therapy, so as to allow for the maximal use of equipment. Please send girls with shorts under skirts if necessary
  • Although the necessary safety precautions are taken, neither the therapist concerned or the establishment can be held responsible for any injury, loss or damages sustained while on these premises.
  • No patient will be permitted in the therapy room without the therapist being present as there is equipment which could be potentially dangerous when used unsupervised.
  • Please refrain from bringing siblings and friends to therapy as this is highly disruptive to your child’s therapy and negatively affects the progress.


  • Every person that gets therapy in this practice has the right to confidentiality (this means to have your personal information kept private, even from family members and employers). Nothing that you share with the Therapist will be passed on to anyone, unless –
  • You agree in writing that your information can be shared (e.g. with a school teacher or an employer or anyone other specific person or entity).
  • The law on medical aids require us to provide certain information to the medical aid as stated on page 1.
  • When we receive an order from a court to disclose your information, we have no choice but to provide it.
  • When a specific law makes it compulsory to report things, such as TB, COVID-19, cancer or child abuse or child neglect.
  • Communication with the referring doctor or other healthcare professional, insofar as it is necessary and in the interest of the patient
  • When anyone else, or any other business (such as an insurance company, your employer, a lawyer) want your information, we will contact you to get your written permission that we can give the information to such person or business.
  • To ensure the protection of your personal information this practice is POPI compliant. For more information on our privacy policies, including the use of electronic messaging please click here

Protection of Personal Information 

By signing this form, and unless you at any time instruct the Practice expressly and in writing to the contrary, your consent is given for the Practice to:

  • collect, store and process credit information;
  • collect, store and process names, contact details and information relating to yourself and your Child, and to such information being made available to staff or responsible persons engaged or authorised by the Practice for Practice-related purposes to the extent required for the purpose of managing relationships between the Practice, parents/guardians, and current learners as well as providing references and communicating with the body of former learners;
  • The Practice cannot be liable for any loss you or your Child is alleged to have suffered resulting from opinions reasonably given, or correct statements of fact contained, in any reference or report given by us including informing any other Practice or educational institution to which you propose to send your Child of any outstanding

The Practice may not distribute or otherwise publish any of your personal information in its possession, unless you give your consent, in writing, to the Practice that it may do so. Should this be the case, the Practice may only distribute or otherwise publish the information specified in your consent to the people and for the purpose stated in your written consent.

Parents and children

  • By law, children from the age of 12 can seek healthcare help on their own, if they are able to understand what therapy means. Parents still have to pay for this cost. Unless one of the parents has completed the information above, any one of the child’s parents will have to pay the account for the child’s therapy. It does not matter if the parents are divorced or not married: any one, or both, may have to pay the account.
  • It is in the child’s best interest that both parents, whether married or not, are in agreement regarding the child’s therapy and as such consent from both parents is recommended unless there is only one legal guardian appointed by a court of law.
  • The above will be explained to children and parents or caregivers. If the child is ok with it, aspects of the proposed therapy and how therapy went will be shared with the parent(s) or caregiver.

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  • COVID-19 is a highly infectious illness cause by a previously unknown virus for which there is currently no proven treatment regime or vaccine. While most people who contract the illness will only suffer mild symptoms and recover, a small number have serious symptoms and need hospitalisation. Persons over 60 and those with other chronic and respiratory illnesses or who have suppressed immune systems are at greater risk.
  • The Covid-19 virus is mainly transmitted through droplets which remain airborne for a short period and quickly fall on floors or surfaces. You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are in close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.

Precautions that the practice has taken to reduce the transmission

  • This practice has complied with the regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations specified by the Department of Health for the Alert level 4 to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.
  • We have carefully considered the necessity for face to face occupational therapy session(s) in light of the current pandemic.
  • In spite of taking every precaution, prevention of infection cannot be guaranteed.
  • All children and accompanying family members will be screened as per the regulations before entering the occupational therapy practice and any person with a temperature or any of the symptoms of Covid-19 listed above must consult a medical practitioner.
  • Occupational Therapy will be resumed when the person has been cleared for the COVID-19 virus or after a period of isolation if this is required.

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For more information about COVID-19 please visit: COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal

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