Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech and language are tools that humans use to communicate or share thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Speech and language therapy aims to achieve optimal communication skills in a child. This refers to nonverbal, spoken, pre-literacy and written language skills, which can influence not only communication but also academic achievement, social adjustment and overall development. The therapist aims to empower the child to communicate effectively and to their optimal ability, using different approaches depending on the presenting difficulty.

This practice:

  • values child praise and confidence building
  • works with children to age 10 years
  • is a cash-practice. Payment will be made directly to the practice. The responsible party may then claim back from their medical aid
  • favours collaborative relationships within the multidisciplinary medical and educational team, including the child’s family

Areas of service

  • Early intervention
  • Speech development delays/disorders (e.g. Articulation/pronunciation, Dyspraxia/oral-motor planning, Dysarthria/muscle weakness)
  • Language delays/disorders (receptive and expressive)
  • Second language English speakers
  • Auditory processing disorders
  • Phonological awareness (e.g. pre-literacy, rhyming, identifying sounds in words, sounding out words and blending sounds together)
  • Pragmatics (social communication)
  • Communication difficulties associated with syndromes and/or special barriers to learning (e.g. Autism)
  • Language and pre-literacy difficulties associated with ADHD
  • Communication rehabilitation for neurological impairments (e.g. stroke / traumatic brain injury)
  • Oral motor strength, function, planning and sensory mechanism.
  • Feeding difficulties


In the initial consultation, the child needs to be assessed in order to ascertain his/her areas of difficulty and in order to plan a therapy programme. The initial assessment, consisting of informal and standardized assessment analysis, usually takes approximately two hours depending on the child, and may need to be carried over a few sessions. It may include a pre-meeting to obtain the case history information and a post-meeting for parent consultation/feedback. The findings will be compiled into a report, which is over and above the assessment fee.


Therapy sessions (number per week and duration) will then be set up according to the needs of the child. Each child has their own tailor-made intervention plan as no two children are the same. The main focus of my work is to help youngsters develop the best possible communication (verbal and/or non-verbal) and language skills they can in light of their difficulties.

Speech Therapy Rates


  • Full comprehensive assessment: R2520
  • Assessment Report: R465

Individual Therapy

  • 30 minutes (Including Feedback where necessary): R315
  • 45 minutes (Including Feedback where necessary): R475
  • 60 minutes (Including Feedback where necessary): R630

Due to Health Professionals Council regulations the Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy practices run independently from each other. For more information regarding speech therapy or to make an appointment please contact Micah-Lee James on 083 243 6560 or email mjae.communications@gmail.com

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